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Flexible Schedule

Once a company reaches out to you, you can choose to accept or decline the training request. This means you have full autonomy over your working schedule.

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This platform is free for a limited time period. Once your account is approved, your profile will immediately be available to companies who are sourcing for talents for their business needs.

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Looking for more job opportunities? Our platform helps you gain more exposure to potential employers with minimal effort, so that you can make out the most of your experience and expertise.


Previously, without Baseline

Search different job portals. Apply to multiple companies. Rely on word of mouth. Does this sound familiar to you? We understand your frustration as a freelance professional. There was no one- stop platform for companies to look for trainers, and for trainers to present themselves publicly. That’s where Baseline comes in.

Now, with Baseline

The perfect job opportunities for you are just a few clicks away. At Baseline, we connect trainers to companies.

How Baseline Works

Baseline is the first exclusive network of trainers in Singapore. Start by registering your free account with us. Complete your trainer’s profile and provide details of your work experience into our Baseline database. Once a company expresses interest in you, the representative will arrange the job details with you.

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