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Tired of looking for trainers and relying on word of mouth? We connect you with professionals who best suit your organisation. Simply register with us, and connect with a huge network of trainers who will enhance your services.

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Time & Cost Savings

Why go through traditional job portals when you can filter potential candidates straightaway? Baseline saves you time and money by connecting you directly to a huge network of professionals in the training industry.

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Skills Matching

Save time on finding a match with the help of our efficient search engine, which sorts trainers based on expertise and experience. Through Baseline, you can find the profile that fits your exact needs.


Previously, without Baseline

One of the problems in the Learning and Development Industry was that it took a lot of time and effort for companies to find the right trainers for their services. There was no one-stop platform for companies to look for trainers, and for trainers to present themselves publicly. That's where Baseline comes in.

Now, with Baseline

Hiring the perfect trainer you need has never been easier. Baseline functions as an open platform connecting trainers to companies, to facilitate the talent recruitment process for businesses.

How Baseline Works

Baseline is the first exclusive network of trainers in Singapore. Start by joining us on one of our four subscription plans tailored to your company's needs. Review the profiles of our trainers and reach out to them when you find a potential match. Once the potential trainer responds to your outreach, you can arrange the job details between the two parties (the trainer and you).


Our Price Package

Our price package gives you 50 messages (aka outreach) to contact your select trainer. Sign up now to find out more about Baseline trainers and explore the platform! No payment is required until you decide to contact any of our trainers.

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Price Package
Often facing a manpower issue? Get this plan that gives you a greater outreach!
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